Singapore Biodiversity Records

Did you know that the dried leaf cockroach (Pseudophoraspis nebulosa) is known to exhibit what appears to be parental care for its young?

Dried leaf cockroach (Pseudophoraspis nebulosa)_Tan Siong Kiat

Dried leaf cockroach (Pseudophoraspis nebulosa) brooding behaviour. Singapore Biodiversity Records article here. Photo by: Tan Siong Kiat.

Such behaviour would only be known if they are documented and shared, and these observations are valuable as they increase our knowledge about nature in Singapore.

Therefore, our curators have started Singapore Biodiversity Records to collect and publish records of uncommon species or interesting animal behaviour in Singapore.

Contributing your record is easy: simply fill up a provided form and send it in to the editor for publication. Do note that owing to space constraints, Singapore Biodiversity Records will not be able to publish each and every contribution. The editors will review and decide on which contribution to include on the webpage.

To find out more, head on to the Singapore Biodiversity Records page:

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