Commemorative Statue of Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Wallace, co-discoverer of the modern theory of evolution and explorer extraordinaire has a strong connection with Singapore. While working in Singapore in the mid-1800s, he made numerous collections of animals from the island as well as recorded many interesting facts about the natural history here. His passion for natural history and love for discovery is a spirit shared by staff and students of the new Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in National University of Singapore. It is therefore appropriate that we support this important exercise to erect a timely memorial to a man who has become an icon for so many biologists in Southeast Asia. Barry Clarke, a long-time resident working in Singapore who loves natural history and a Wallace fan at heart, has kindly volunteered to lead fund-raising campaign to raise the necessary capital to build a statue of the great man at the new museum to honor his many accomplishments. We are therefore delighted to partner him to see this dream realised!

Prof Peter Ng

Director, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

Wallace Statue Campaign_Page_1 Wallace Statue Campaign_Page_2


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