Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research is no more

No, not an April Fool’s joke.

From today, the Raffles Museum officially becomes Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Since our public gallery closed a year ago, everyone at the museum has been busy gearing up for the change.

The LKCNHM project team headed by Dr. Tan Swee Hee has been busy making sure the the construction of our new building is on track despite the rainy spell we had last monsoon season.

Also parallel to that is getting the new exhibition gallery in order, and preparing the move of more than half a million specimens in our care to the new building by our curators.

This name change comes with lots of administrative adjustments. We are no longer part of the Department of Biological Sciences at NUS, and now report directly to Faculty of Science. It won’t matter very much to visitors when we open our doors  to welcome them (akan datang!), but are necessary to reflect the new phase in our journey.

This blog (Raffles Museum News) will no longer be updated and will join two previous forms of RMBR news (RMBR news from 2000 to 2004, and from 2004 to 2007) in our archives; in the meantime, a fourth incarnation, the LKCNHM news blog is  up and running. See you at our new news page!

LKCNHM Specimens at the Singapore Art Museum | LKCNHM News


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