Daphne Fautin, an expert on sea anemones

Daphne Fautin, an expert on sea anemones (that is the Phylum Cnidaria, Class Anthozoa, Order Actinaria for you pundits out there), is in town to help identify what little specimen we have in the collection and to build on them. We met in 2005 when I visited her at the Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center, University of Kansas in Lawrence. Due to her extremely busy schedule, it has taken two years of planning to have her in Singapore to help us identify these mesmerising blobs of jellies! She maintains an amazing website that is an extensive aggregate of scientific knowledge about these animals at Hexacorallians of the World.

She is here on the RMBR SPRINT visitorship programme from 15 July to 5 August 2007.

Read about Daphne’s first trip to Changi with the Sea Anemone Team from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and the crew from Wildfilms.

Host: Tan Swee Hee
Image by: Tan Heok Hui

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2 Responses to Daphne Fautin, an expert on sea anemones

  1. Wendy Carey says:

    Hi, my name is Wendy Carey, I am the author of the book “Up Close and Personal” an underwater veiw of vancouver island. My husband and I were on a dive in Maple Bay( on Vancouver Island) today and came upon an unusal Anamone. I was hoping if I got your email I could send you a photo to help me identify it. We think it may be a elegantissima Pink tipped anemone- solitary form. If indeed it is- then this would likely be a range extention. It was one single anemone with bright pink tips and a white skirt. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Wendy and Bruce Carey

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