Our Resident Poster Boy Hard at Work

Marcus Chua measuring leopard cat skulls in the dry collections of RMBR.

If you find that Marcus has a familiar face, its because you have probably seen him before in one of the posters Raffles Museum, or even the Department of Biological Sciences produces.

The resident poster boy, Marcus, is currently researching on the ecology and conservation of the leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) in Singapore. More specifically, he is examining the diet, distribution and population of these nationally endangered cats in the wild.

Most recently, he was in the museum to examine the stomach contents of a leopard cat roadkill that was preserved by his supervisor, Mr N. Sivasothi, in 2001 (over 10 years ago!). He is also learning more about the species by studying the skulls and skins of the leopard cats in the museum collection.

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