Asia-Europe Foundation Governors visit to RMBR on 3 December 2011

From right: Ms Leonie Nagarajan, Chief of Staff, ASEF Director; Professor Peter Ng, Director of RMBR; Ms Eva Biaudet, ASEF Governor for Finland; Ambassador Sayakane Sisouvong, ASEF Governor for ASEAN; Ms Siiri Könisnigsberg, ASEM Contact Point for Estonia; Ambassador Karel Kovanda, ASEF Governor for the European Union; Lieutenant-General Vasco Rocha Viera, ASEF Governor for Portugal; Ambassador Claude Blanchemaison, ASEF Governor for France; Dr Jacques F. Poos, ASEF Governor for Luxemborg; Professor Leo Tan, ASEF Governor for Singapore.

A few members of the Board of Governors from the Asia-Europe Foundation visited the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research on the 3rd of December 2011. Professor Leo Tan, the Governor of Singapore in the foundation, along with his fellow board members, arrived at the museum and was given a tour around the public gallery, as well as the collection areas in the museum.

The Governors having a tour in the public gallery.

The Governors started off with the tour in the Public Gallery, and was introduced to the impressive specimens as well as the stories behind their existence. What they didn’t know was, they were about to be introduced to many more specimens hidden away in the collections area within the museum!

Dr Joelle Lai introduced the research side of things in the museum, allowing the Governors a rare chance to view the multitudes of specimens that the RMBR has in store.

Left: Dr Joelle Lai talking to the Governors about research in RMBR; Right: Prof Leo Tan explaining the importance of having a diverse collection.

Exploring the insects collection in RMBR.


We believe the Governors had a great time exploring and learning about the rich biodiversity of Singapore and Southeast Asia, and hope to see them again!



To view more photos, please click HERE.

Photos by Ms Anneke Coppoolse.

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