New Articles in Nature in Singapore and Singapore Biodiversity Records

A species of orchid (Vrydagzynea lancifolia) that has not been recorded in Singapore for more than 80 years has been rediscovered in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Read more about the plant, how it was rediscovered and see how herbarium specimens are important historical records in the first Nature in Singapore paper for 2014 by Lim et al.. [PDF]

Vrydagzynea lancifolia. Photo by: Reuben Lim.

Upper surface of Vrydagzynea lancifolia. Photo by: Reuben Lim.

New Singapore Biodiversity Records for fishes in Lorong Banir stream [PDF], black marsh terrapin on Pulau Ubin [PDF] and three-striped palm civet at Nee Soon swamp forest [PDF] are also online.

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