Tritodynamia yeoi Naruse & Ng, a new species of crab from Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin

Tritodynamia yeoi Naruse & Ng, new species, is a macrophthalmid crab collected by Mr Yeo Keng Loo (RIP) at Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin during the final round of salvage surveys conducted by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research on 21st August 2001.

The species description has just been published in honour of Mr Yeo in the scientific journal, Crustaceana – Naruse, T. & P. K. L. Ng, 2010. A new species of Tritodynamia Ortmann, 1894 (Decapoda, Brachyura, Macropthalmidae) from Singapore. Crustacena, 83(3): 291-298.

Abstract – A new species of Tritodynamia Ortmann, 1894 sensu stricto is described from Singapore. The new species is morphologically similar to three Chinese species, namely T. dilatata Yang & Sun, 1996, T. longipropoda Dai, Feng, Song & Cheng, 1980, and T. hainanensis Dai, Feng, Song & Cheng, 1980. The new species is, however, distinguished from these three species by characters of the carapace, ambulatory legs, male abdominal somites, and telson. This record also represents the southernmost record of the genus.

From the text:

“Material examined. — Holotype: 1 male, CL 3.5 mm, CW 7.1 mm, ZRC 2006.0081, Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin, Singapore, coll. K. L. Yeo, 21 Aug. 2001. …

Etymology. — The species is named after the late Mr. Yeo Keng Loo, curator of Crustacea at the Raffles Museum, who suddenly passed away in 2008. An accomplished and dedicated field collector, he also collected the present specimen during a survey of Pulau Ubin.”


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