Dr. David Lane visits RMBR

Dr. David Lane, a senior lecturer at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam, visits RMBR from 21-25 April 2008. He is here to look at the echinoderms in the Zoological Reference Collection.

Besides doing his work in the Museum, he’s here to dive with the coral spawning group to observe nocturnal echinoderms, and also hopefully be able to track down the recently seen, Pentaceraster sp. at Cyrene, which would be a first record of the species in Singapore.

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1 Response to Dr. David Lane visits RMBR

  1. david lane says:

    RMBR news compiler.

    I am not here to observe the coral spawning, but one of my tasks is to night dive with coral spawning team in search of nocturnally active echinoderms on the reef.
    I request that this mis-information in the news item corrected. This is quite important, as I will explain later.
    Many thanks, David Lane

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