“Forget not our Living Forest” – botanist Joseph Lai unveils an entourage of enthralling forest denizens! Thu 17 Oct 2013: 6.30pm @ NUS LT25


Raffles Museum Toddycats & Cicada Tree Eco-Place are pleased to present this free public talk:


“Forget Not Our Living Forest” by Joseph Lai, botanist

Thu 17 Oct 2013: 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre 25, Faculty of Science, NUS (map)
All are welcome,
please register at:

About the talk

Timeless and priceless beyond imagination, our living forest lives and breathes for us, providing us with a green lung and enriching our lives with a vessel of flora and fauna that is so intricately diverse and rich. Forget Not Our Living Forest seeks to reconnect us with, and re-energise our appreciation for the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, our natural heritage, set in the heart of our island.

Veteran botanist Joseph Lai will unravel the priceless denizens of the forest, carefully and painstakingly assembled from years of appreciative observations. Never before have you seen such an enthralling ensemble of forest denizens and feel the life of a living forest, uniquely near our doorstep in Singapore!


Pangolin head5

Cyathea trichodesma

Heritiera elata1

Draco blkbeardedwings



Thanks to Joseph Lai for use of the images.

 For more information, visit http://lovemacritchie.wordpress.com/forget-not-our-living-forest-talks

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