Toddycats Engage! for MacRitchie at Singapore Futures Sustainability Symposium 2013

NUS Toddycats!

The organisers of Singapore Futures Sustainability Symposium 2013 graciously allowed the RMBR Toddycats a platform to speak up for MacRitchie last Saturday. Several Toddycats enthusiastically answered the call for volunteers by Chloe, especially after the inspirational HOWL session with Subaraj and Tony!

Come talk to us! We won’t bite!  ~ Yi yong, David and Sean giving me their best friendly faces and Ambert gets down to business getting sign ups for the public talk by Joseph Lai and guided walks.

Infographics  from Love MacRitchie were blown up and printed in A3. We’ll be using them again and again in a series of outreach activities!

Chloe’s computer with the petition letter so people could sign it on the spot. Vilma passed us more decals and photos so we could show people the awesome biodiversity in our forests.

We spotted Kwek Yan before the symposium and opportunistically roped him in to…

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