A Round up of the Festival of Biodiversity 2013

What a weekend 13 and 14 July was! The Museum and RMBR Toddycats came out in full force to participate in the second Festival of Biodiversity, organised by the National Parks Board in conjunction with the Biodiversity Roundtable.

Having organised the first Festival at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, we wanted to celebrate Singapore’s Natural Heritage with more Singaporeans from all walks of life and what would be a better venue than a bustling shopping centre during a weekend?

The Raffles Museum was one of the main participants of the festival together with WildSingapore and the Nature Society of Singapore with each organisation focussing on a  habitat to showcase. In addition, to the freshwater habitats of Singapore, RMBR contributed more than 70 specimens to the Festival and had our volunteers, the RMBR Toddycats present at all times engaging festival goers by sharing stories and anecdotes on Singapore’s amazing wildlife and places.

According to Dr. Lena Chan, director of the National Biodiversity Centre, there were an estimated 7000 and 6000 visitors to the Festival on Saturday and Sunday respectively. It is our most momentous outreach effort to date!

If you were present, here are some pictures to relive the weekend and if not, this is what you missed and we hope to see you at Festival of Biodiversity 2014! More pictures can be viewed from our flickr albums ( Pre- festival preparationsDay 1Day 2).

Each day started bright and early for we had to move our specimens from NUS to the festival venue. We were very lucky to have a volunteer, Desmond, who kindly helped us with transport on Saturday and Sunday, making the trip from NUS to Vivocity in the mornings, and back to NUS at the end of each day!

Our specimens attracted lots of attention, even before the official opening time of the mall. They are always invariably attracted to the dugong foetus!

Having a chance to come up face to face with a tiger skull is an unforgettable experience…

..as is seeing a stuffed pangolin for the very first time.

A bird’s eye view of the entire Festival. Not a large area, but packed with all sorts of information and exciting activities! Such as explanations of the specimens on display!

We had an overwhelming response, with some toddycats speaking to up to 20 people at one time. Yes, we have leopard cats in Singapore! Dugongs too! And a whole bunch of cool wildlife!

The microscope station where the secret lives of plankton could be observed. It was a huge hit.

Even with our Guest of Honour, President Tony Tan!

Professor Leo Tan with Guest of Honour President Tony Tan.

Who better to explain to the President our amazing wildlife than veteran Toddycat Oi Yee?

At tea reception with President Tony Tan, where our civet girls Tze Kwan and Weiting gave him civet pins and badges.

RMBR and Toddycats also helped run two craft workshops where little ones could make their own Singapore Wildlife magnets and clay figurines. Here are two girls looking pleased with their giant mudskipper!

We also had a ‘Show and Tell’ trolley packed with specimens that we could move to different parts of the mall and exhibition space. It attracted lots of attention and allowed us to reach out to young and old alike.

All in all, it was an exhausting two days at the Festival of Biodiversity with everyone in Singapore’ nature community working hard and tirelessly to share the riches of Singapore’s Natural Heritage with everyone. But what a successful outing it has been!

The Raffles Museum is proud to have played a role in this event and we are looking forward to 2014’s Festival already! See you then!

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