Saturday 01 June 2013, 10:30 AM at Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Kevin Tilbrook on Lace Corals and Moss Animals

Ever wondered about the delicate lace corals that are found in marine waters around the world and in particular, Singapore?  Join Shell Visiting Scientist Dr. Kevin Tilbrook, curator of Bryozoa at the Museum of Tropical Queensland as he introduces us to his pet research animal, bryozoans and answers the question – how many species of these delicate animals can we expect to find in Singapore!

All are welcome but please register your attendance here. See you! 

DATE : Saturday, 1 June 2013

TIME: 10:30 am to 12 noon

VENUE: Function Hall, Botany centre level 1, Singapore Botanic Gardens

About the talk – “Lace corals” and “moss animals” are two of the common names for a group of aquatic organisms called the Bryozoa. The Bryozoa are a group of sessile, predominantly marine invertebrates that occur throughout the world. As a bryozoan researcher, Dr Kevin Tilbrook will explain the process of identification of these creatures and the background to the scientific disciplines of taxonomy and systematics. The discovery and identification of the bryozoan fauna of Singapore is ongoing with over 60 species documented to date. However, given that adjacent areas have a documented bryozoan diversity of over 500 species it is quite reasonable to expect that the diversity of bryozoan in Singapore could exceed 200 species.

About the speaker – Kevin is a world-recognised marine invertebrate systematist; an authority on the taxonomy and systamatics of the Bryozoa. Kevin’s particular expertise is on the diversity and biogeography of tropical coral reef-associated bryozoans from the South Pacific, including the coral reefs off the Queensland Coast. He has also worked on temperate and boreal, intertidal, shallow and deep-sea, and fossil faunas from around the world.


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