So long and see you soon!

Its been a hectic last month for the museum and the curtains have finally fallen over the public gallery.

As a last swan song, the museum threw its doors open from 18 to 22 March during the Last Hurrah! Presented by the RMBR Toddycats, we wanted to give our friends a last chance to see the museum as it stood, before we close and re-surface again with a new name, identity and building at the end of 2014. It was also a way to thank everyone who believed in and supported what we do, having generously donated to our appeal to build a new Natural History Museum for Singapore.

Tours lasting an hour to two were conducted twice a day, with each tour helmed by an experienced guide who made every visitor’s day with their passion and knowledge of the museum and our displays. In total, 350 people visited over the 5 days and we finally ended at 10 PM on Friday night!


A recently pickled paradise tree snake


Guide Amy Choong shows some of the dried specimens and skins from the collection.


We hosted members of the Museum Roundtable on Friday afternoon!


Wednesday evening was Toddycats night at the Museum.


One of the last groups from Friday evening. Thank you for choosing to spend your Friday night at the museum!


Curious visitors from Thursday night.


We love the look on their faces!


And here is super guide Oi Yee, who showed up every single lunch time, cheerful, enthusiastic and always ready to share her knowledge with everyone!


***For more pictures, please see our Flickr collection***

On the Monday of our last week of operation, we hosted a special visit by President Tony Tan, who came to say goodbye to an institution he officiated the opening of, way back in 1988 when the collection made NUS its home.

There was no letting up on the stream of visitors and well-wishers right up to the last day!  On the 28th of March, the gallery was visited by two groups in the day, after which is was taken over by students taking MW5202 (Science Communications) who had to put together a museum tour for the evening! Phew!

It has been a busy but happy time for us, these last two weeks. We look forward to seeing you at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum soon!

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