News from the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey of Singapore, Johore Straits

Update (30 October): Drs Daphne Fautin and Peter Ng are interviewed by Steven Chia on Channel NewsAsia’s AM Live! 

The second phase of the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey kicked off on the 15th of October with a 3 week workshop at the Outward Bound School, Pulau Ubin. For many of the staff, volunteers and international scientists taking part in the expedition, OBS is to be home for the duration of the workshop and our launch pad for exploring the marine diversity of the Northern Shores of Singapore!

We had an official opening yesterday, graced by Senior Minister of State for National Development Tan Chuan Jin and members of the press. What followed today are articles (and a photoessay) in the Straits Times and 联合早报, video segments on RazorTV and Channel News Asia highlighting our efforts and interesting finds from the expedition thus far. (MoS Tan also reflected on his visit to our base camp in his Facebook note!)

Follow CMBS’ daily updates by checking out the Mega Marine Survey of Singapore Blog! 

 PDF here

PDF here

In addition, here is a lovely collage of some (actually, a really small percentage!) of the marine animals collected so far, and there is also a Facebook album of the day to day going ons at the expedition, taken and compiled by graduate student Nguyen Thanh Son.

Some of the beautiful marine animals of Singapore collected during the Northern Expedition

Link to ST article on


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