Fauna reported from Batu caves, Selangor, Malaysia: annotated checklist and bibliography

For the first time in more than 40 years, Moseley et al. has compiled the first definitive checklist and bibliography of cave-associated zoological taxa reported from the Batu caves. The list more than doubles records of vertebrates and invertebrates known from the caves! This will undoubtedly go a long way in helping the cause of ongoing cataloguing, description and investigation of the fauna and ecology of the Batu caves in order to preserve the system from further environmental degradation.

Moseley et al. 2012 Batu Caves Faunal List

Abstract: The Batu caves are the only caves in the Malay Peninsula that are well investigated zoologically, and they are the most thoroughly sampled anywhere in Southeast Asia. However, the records have not been collated to provide a comprehensive overview of the fauna present. This issue is addressed here by presenting an authoritative checklist of all reported zoological taxa, together with ecological annotations and a comprehensive bibliography.

Reference: Moseley, M., Lim T.W. & Lim T.T. 2012. Fauna reported from Batu caves, Selangor, Malaysia: annotated checklist and bibliography. Cave and Karst Science 39:2, 77–92.

Batu Caves is an isolated limestone karst rising above the Klang Valley plain 11 km northeaat of KL, Malaysia. It is a significant place of worship for the Hindu community and an all round popular tourist attraction in Malaysia. However, but there is more to the caves than just human interest. The ecological and biological significance of such limestone karts systems are often overlooked and neglected as a result of anthropogenic activities.

Entrance to Batu Caves

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