8th International Conference on Coelenterate Biology (ICCB)

The 8th International Conference on Coelenterate Biology (ICCB) will be held in Eilat, Israel, on 1-6 December 2013. (More information on this website, http://www.iccb2013.com/)

The conference will encompass aspects of the biology of all cnidarian groups and ctenophores, including those occurring in pelagic and benthic environments, shallow to deep sea and freshwater habitats in all regions. Sessions will be devoted to topics ranging from cellular biology, genomics and development, to life histories and reproduction, physiology, pathology, symbiosis and diseases, evolution, biogeography and taxonomy, ecology, and behavior, as well as environmental impacts including global change, toxicity and medical applications. Current and possible future developments in the field will be explored.

Hudi Benayahu: Chair yehudab@tauex.tau.ac.il
Tamar Lotan: Co-Chair lotant@univ.haifa.ac.il
Oren Levi: Co-Chair Levy@biu.ac.il

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