Private lives of S’pore’s rainforests, in a new book (Today Online, Saturday 28 July 2012)

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Private lives of Spores rainforests, in a new book

SINGAPORE – A new book has been launched to offer a glimpse into Singapore’s unique life-forms and rich greenery. ‘Private Lives: An Exposé of Singapore’s Rainforests’ promises to awe nature lovers with the natural heritage thriving in Singapore.

The fourth in the “Private Lives” series, sponsored by ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, it showcases Singapore’s rainforests and its rich biodiversity. The other three books published were on seashores, mangroves and freshwater respectively.

Written in ‘paparazzi style’ and accompanied by vividly coloured photographs, it aims to pique the interests of readers, and get them to play an active role in conservation efforts.

The book was launched early in July by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The museum also introduced a free online database, the “Digital Nature Archive of Singapore” (DNA). It puts together all historical and current records on Singapore’s flora, fauna and natural habitats.

More than 100 years of research by NUS faculty members and naturalists can also be found on the website.

It complements national efforts by National Parks Board and the National Library Board to build up national inventories on biodiversity related publications.

Professor Peter Ng, the director of RMBR, said:”(We’re small, yes) we have lost a lot because we have to grow. But whatever we have is still very valuable. And I need the people living here, citizens or non-citizens, to be actually proud of what is here.”

“And actually to be very honest, we still have quite a lot of stuff. It’s important therefore, not only to know. We need people to do their part to try to conserve, because it cannot be assumed that everything we have now will stay that way forever.”

A fifth, and perhaps the last, book in the series is in the works. Professor Chou Loke Ming from the Department of Biological Sciences at NUS will be helming the publication that will be on coral reefs.

It is expected to be ready within 12 to 18 months.

‘Private Lives: An Exposé of Singapore’s Rainforests’ will be available at NUS libraries. It will also be on sale at RMBR, NUS Co-op, Nature’s Niches, Select Bookstore and the Library Shop at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, at a recommended retail price of S$22 for the paperback version and S$35 for the hardcover version.

All proceeds go towards more nature publications and biodiversity projects. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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