Features in ALUMNUS (July/September Issue)

Three articles featuring three very different people in the field in the caught our attention in the July/September issue of ALUMNUS.

The first, Ms Karenne Tun, an avid coral researcher from the Reef Ecology Laboratory of NUS’ Department of Biological Sciences. She has been studying the coral spawning off Pulau Satumu since 2002. Earlier in April, she was featured by the Straits Times <Biologists to study corals’ mass spawning this week> along with 7 other biologists from NUS and NParks. To read her article, click HERE.

Secondly, Mr Louis Ng, the Founder and Executive Director of the Singapore-based rights group ACRES (Animal Concerns, Research and Education). ACRES is funded by public donations and runs public education campaigns, undercover investigations and a rescue programme. With a recent elected Director in Laos, Mr Ong Say Lin, ACRES’ efforts is expanding in to Malaysia, Thailand and beyond. To read his article, click HERE.

Last but definitely not least, Professor Leo Tan, a familiar face to all in RMBR and NUS. Prof Tan is dubbed one of Singapore’s pioneering eco-champions, which is no surprise at all, considering his vast efforts in conserving and protecting the biodiversity of Singapore. He has received numerous accolades for his work and the driving force behind his endeavours stems from his firm believe that “we owe our future generations the right to treasure and enjoy a salubrious environment in which they can live, love, play and work”. To read his article, click HERE.

To read the Jul/Sep issue of Alumnus, please click HERE.

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