The passing of Lady Yuen Peng McNeice

Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice passed away on Sunday 3 June 2012,aged 94.

An ardent supporter of conservation and the environment, Lady McNeice was a benefactor to many in the regional biodiversity community through financial support to graduate students and researchers alike in the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS and beyond, borne out of her belief in encouraging and helping young researchers in their chosen fields.

During the first Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium in 2003, we were happy to be able to present her a gift in recognition of her support. An etching of Orcovita mcneiceaea petite and elegant crab found in the Loyalty Islands and named in her honour by Peter Ng and Ng Ngan Kee.

Her kindness and enthusiastic support for Singapore’s biodiversity community is unparallelled and we will always remember her with great fondness and gratitude.

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