Semakau Intertidal Walk for Public Begins Again in 2012!

With much anticipation, the Semakau intertidal walk for the public has started once again to kick start the new year of 2012! Our very first walk this year took place in the afternoon of 8 January, with 46 participants from the public and 12 trainees a.k.a. soon-to-be RMBR Nature Guides. Among the participants, some have been waiting and trying to register for a walk at Semakau for more than two years! They were thrilled to be finally setting foot on Semakau Island and being able to explore the intertidal zone.

In conjunction with the new season of intertidal walks, we also had six new button designs for our participants! The participants were firstly being introduced to Singapore’s first offshore landfill via video presentation and a tour. Though it had been raining quite frequently before the trip, we were very fortunate to have just overcast skies for the most part of the intertidal walk. Quite a number of interesting fauna were seen at the intertidal area. Among the animals seen our familiar Knobbly Sea Star, Synaptid Sea Cucumber as well as an intriguing translucent flatworm!

It was a wonderful public walk to mark the beginning of 2012. And hopefully it will be the same, if not more exciting, for the ones to come!

Participants have always been fascinated by the charismatic Knobbly Sea Star.

Our six new button designs depicting (from left to right) a Big-finned Reef Squid, a Collared Kingfisher, a Mosaic Crab, a Sea Hibiscus, Synaptid Sea Cucumbers, and a Sea Snake.


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2 Responses to Semakau Intertidal Walk for Public Begins Again in 2012!

  1. Can I know how I can take part in this? When is the next walk?

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