Results are out for the Semakau Walk Photo-Movie Contest!

Results are out for the Semakau Walk Photo-Movie Contest!

The Project Semakau free intertidal walks (sponsored by the HSBC) have benefited more than 800 students from schools across Singapore for the year of 2011. This year, in conjunction with the project’s third year in running, a photo-movie contest was also organized with the aim of creating awareness of the rich biodiversity of Pulau Semakau and sending a message of conservation. All student participants were eligible to participate and they were required to produce a 3-minute photo-movie that showcases the beauty of Semakau and generates awareness for conservation of intertidal habitats.

Many interesting photo-movie entries have been submitted for the 14 walks conducted in 2011. For every walk, as many as three good entries were awarded books from the ‘Private Lives’ series published by the Raffles Museum. These entries went on to compete with each other for the overall Top Three of the entire year. Entries were judged based on content, conservation message as well as creativity. And now the final results are out! The three entries that emerged as the overall winners are listed below.

1st Prize: Eunice Aw Cheng Yi (Xinmin Secondary School)
2nd Prize: Deng Yi Min, Cheng Liyi & Sharon Andres (Raffles Girls’ School)
3rd Prize: Vernetta Vivian Chai (Raffles Girls’ School)

Congratulations to the winners! They will be awarded Harvey Norman vouchers worth $500, $300 and $150 respectively. Details of the contest and links to other videos can be obtained at this the Project Semakau website.

Content by Mr Soo Wai Kit.

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