New articles on Nature in Singapore website

The following articles have been uploaded to the Nature in Singapore website (

  1. Leong, T. M., 2011. Observations of pupal eclosion and pheromone release in the oleander hawkmoth, Daphnis nerii (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae: Macroglossinae). Nature in Singapore, 4: 369–375. [PDF, 1.62 MB]
  2. Lim, K. K. P. & H. H. Tan, 2011. Addition of three cyprinid fishes to the established alien fauna of Singapore. Nature in Singapore, 4: 377–382. [PDF, 583 KB]
  3. Yeo, C. K., B. Y. Q. Ng, P. X. Ng, K. Y. Chong, A. F. S. L. Lok, W. F. Ang, S. Y. Tan & H. T. W. Tan, 2011. Air-layering: a suitable method for mass-propagating the nationally critically endangered Fagraea auriculatum Jack (Gentianaceae). Nature in Singapore, 4: 383–392. [PDF, 2.19 MB]
  4. Dow, R. A. & R. W. J. Ngiam, 2011. Two damselflies new to Singapore: Amphicnemis bebar Dow, Choong & Ng and Teinobasis cryptica Dow (Odonata: Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae). Nature in Singapore, 4: 393–396. [PDF, 254 KB]
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