Holiday Workshops

Holiday Workshops

This year-end school holidays, RMBR organized a series of hands-on workshop for the young ones. We had overwhelming response for all three workshops with each having a full class of 40 participants ranging from 7 to 14 years of age.

Look at what we did!

World of Reptiles

We delved into the world of reptiles through discussions on how they are similar but yet so very different. Participants got a chance to explore an array of reptile specimens and unravel the mysteries of the various movement, feeding and defence mechanisms. They also got to get a closer look at the scales of a python and a gecko’s footpad through a microscope. Armed with their new-found knowledge mixed with a dash of creativity, they created their very own imaginary reptiles. With the modern reptiles covered, we then plunged into the world of the lost reptiles, the dinosaurs! Participants even got to touch real dinosaur fossils.

World of Plants

Plants galore! Participants had a discussion about plants before heading out to be immersed in the greens. Everybody had a feel of the different shapes and textures the different plants, listening to the stories behind each one and how they all come together as one. Participants also got to tour the herbarium to learn about plant preservation before having a hand at it themselves. Everyone went home with a handmade card decorated with pressed plants.

World of Spiders

The participants were brought to a whole new world by our spider expert, Mr. David Court. Enthralled by the various kinds of spiders and the amazing things they can do, everyone was all geared up to go out on a spider hunt! Participants got to experiment various methods of spider catching before bringing them back to the lab for a closer examination. Looking through the microscopes, some saw eight eyes staring back at them! The spiders were then released back into their habitat by the participants. Everyone went home with a new found appreciation for the creepy crawlies.


Written by Ms Tammy Lim (Education Unit, RMBR)

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