Of Things Little and Large

What would a room full of little children and large dinosaur bones result in? An atmosphere of excitement overflowing at the brim, of course! The recent article featured in 早报 saw the congregation of more than 20 children and their families on 9th September 2011 for a photo shoot as well as interviews regarding the coming of the Diplodocid sauropod dinosaur bones

The session started out with enthusiastic chatter as most of the families saw the newly put-up dinosaur display at the museum. Yet, once Dr Tan Swee Hee, project manager of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, started his talk on the journey to acquire the dinosaur bones, everyone listened intently with great curiosity.

Dr Tan Swee Hee introducing the dinosaurs to the children.

Besides learning about the acquisition of the dinosaurs, the children were also allowed to touch a real dinosaur vertebra! It definitely was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the rare few to experience how a dinosaur bone would feel like. A few hundred million years of history with just a touch!

Dr Tan Swee Hee giving the children an opportunity to touch the dinosaur vertebra.

Many children also took on the challenge of trying to carry the hefty vertebra. Don’t be deceived by its compact size, one vertebra is actually approximately 4kg!

Our strong man who is only slightly heavier than the dinosaur vertebra he is carrying!

Nearing the end of the session, the children gathered in a large group for a final group shot. Dinosaur models were brought out for the eager children to hold and pose with during the photo shoot.

Children preparing for the group shot.

Dr Tan Swee Hee keeping the children’s attention by telling more dinosaur stories!

To end the session, the children were treated with a short guided tour around the museum to learn more about the animals in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

All in all, the RMBR is really grateful to all the support we’ve been shown thus far. We really appreciate the effort and time which the families gave in coming down to the museum, and obliging our request for the interview and photo shoot.


The huge number of people that gathered for this event.


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3 Responses to Of Things Little and Large

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for a fun afternoon, RMBR. Dinos are to kids what honey is to bees…

  2. jangancemas says:

    You are most welcome, Mike! Thanks for visiting!

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