The Nature Explorer’s Programme 2011

The Nature Explorers’ Programme is an education initiative of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, supported by River Valley High School and the West Zone of Excellence for Science and Technology, and sponsored by ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. The objective of this programme is to nurture young naturalists, to cultivate in them a curiosity about the natural world and to develop their scientific and creative thinking, all while having fun.

This year a total of 274 students from 13 primary schools, 14 secondary schools and some homeschoolers took part in our Nature Explorers’ Programme. The Nature Explorers attended a workshop at RMBR and an exploratory walk at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. They were also tasked to do a nature journal for which they have to complete a number of nature observation and exploratory activities.

The top 30 Nature Explorers were given the opportunity to go on a fully-sponsored 4D/3N field studies camp in Pulau Tioman from 3 to 6 September 2011. The budding naturalists snorkeled through the coral reefs, explored the intertidal shore and sieved through the freshwater stream, learning about various habitats and the organisms found in each and at the same time questioning what they have observed. After which, they were given the opportunity to test one of these questions by conducting a field research project. Through their learning journey, many new friendships were also forged with fellow young naturalists.

Here’s what some of our Nature Explorers have to say about the camp:

“New experience, eye-opening”
“The camp was very enjoyable and boosted my interest in nature studies.”
“We learnt skills as well as knowledge, and it was hands-on.”
“I think the camp was enjoyable and hope that it will continue so others will also be able to experience it.”

A snapshot of the Nature Explorers surveying the freshwater stream in Tioman. – photo by Wang Luan Keng

More photos can be found at the Nature Explorers 2011 facebook page.

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  1. faiz lim says:

    where is the registration place?

  2. faiz lim says:

    how to register for this activity?!please!!!

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