Diet and feeding in the sea star Astropecten indicus (Döderlein, 1888)

Please be informed of this newly published journal article by RMBR research associate Assistant Professor Peter Todd in the Raffles Bulletin of Zoology.

Assistant Professor Peter Todd

Loh, K. S., P. A. Todd (2011) Diet and feeding in the sea star Astropecten indicus (Döderlein, 1888). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 59(2): 251-258.

Its abstract as follows:

This study investigates the feeding ecology of Astropecten indicus, one of the most common sea stars in Singapore’s waters. Examination of the regurgitated stomach contents of 69 specimens collected from four sites revealed that A. indicus is a generalist molluscan feeder; but the Asian date mussel, Musculista senhousia, was the dominant prey species (42.68%). Astropecten indicus preferred M. senhousia over the button snail, Umbonium vestiarium, when given a choice under laboratory conditions. This pattern was significant, and held for experiments regardless of whether prey were shelled or unshelled. Astropecten indicus also consumed more M. senhousia than U. vestiarium when fed these prey ad libitum. This is the first study of its kind on A. indicus and thus contributes to the small pool of knowledge regarding the ecology of this species.

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