More Dinosaur Bones Arrive!

Photo by Tan Heok Hui.
Click on image for larger view.

Eight more caudal vertebra of the Sauropod from Wyoming arrived at the museum yesterday! This created much buzz amongst the museum staff as we quickly snapped shots of the aged bones. Surrounded by clay dinosaurs made by Chay Hoon, the viewing of the bones quickly became an epic photo opportunity.

To read more about the excitement surrounding the arrival of these bones, click Mr Sivasothi’s encounter HERE.

To view more photographs by Tan Heok Hui, please click HERE.

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One Response to More Dinosaur Bones Arrive!

  1. ANNE says:

    It will be great to have the Dinosaurs family with us in Singapore!
    However, I don’t think many Singaporeans really know about this
    and I believe many would like to help if you can reach out to them.
    Do a donation drive. Approach all schools and Companies in
    Singapore and give a talk about the whole project. Just 1 person
    donates $1, it’s not difficulty to raise $2m. Frankly speaking, I just
    came to know about this not long ago. There are many like me who
    are still in the dark. PLEASE START DOING RIGHT NOW.
    Just recently where all schools are celebrating Teachers’ Day.
    You can see parents helping the kids to buy gift for the teachers.
    I’m sure all parents would love to contribute to the funds as they
    know their children and the next generation will benefit from this.

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