New articles on Nature in Singapore

Some new articles have been uploaded to the Nature in Singapore website.  Follow this link to access all the NiS Bulletin 2011 articles. Thanks.

Latest articles:

  1. Leong, T. M., M. Shunari, Aminurashid & T. D. Harvey-Samuel, 2011. The jade-green cicada, Dundubia vaginata (Fabricius, 1787) in Singapore, with notes on emergence, bioacoustics, and mating (Homoptera: Cicadidae: Cicadinae).
  2. Leong, T. M., M. Shunari, L. Y. K. Leong, & S. K. Foo, 2011. Records of the black and golden cicada, Huechys fusca Distant, 1892 in Singapore, with natural history observations (Homoptera: Cicadidae: Cicadettinae).
  3. Yeo, C. K. & H. T. W. Tan, 2011. Ficus stranglers and Melastoma malabathricum: potential tropical woody plants for phytoremediation of metals in wetlands.
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