Book review: 婆罗洲雨林野疯狂 (Amazing Rainforest of Borneo)

婆罗洲雨林野疯狂 (Amazing Rainforest of Borneo)

Written by Huang Yi Feng (黄一峰)

Published by Tian Xia Wen Hua (天下文化), 29 Oct 2010

ISBN number: 9789862166314

Book review by Ron Yeo (Education Unit, RMBR)

Written by Taiwanese nature photographer, Huang Yi Feng (黄一峰), the Amazing Rainforest of Borneo compressed the ten years spent by the author in Borneo into 256 pages of brilliant photographs and witty tales. The book, written in traditional Chinese with some English translations for wildlife facts, has five chapters showcasing the plants, insects, mammals, birds and other animals that the author encountered while exploring the rainforests of Borneo. Every chapter is divided into smaller sections, with imagination-triggering titles such as “大鼻子情聖” (“big-nosed Casanova”), “幻影杀手” (“phantom assassin”), “叢林舞者” (“rainforest dancer”) and “甜蜜陷阱” (“sweet trap”). As the author recounts his experiences, interesting facts about the organisms are cleverly weaved into the stories, hence softening hard scientific facts into easier reads for the lay person. The main attraction of the book, however, is the sheer number of superbly taken photographs of the organisms in their natural habitats. It is not hard to imagine how much effort and time the author has invested to capture these wild moments in photographs. And he did not forget to include several conservation messages in his stories too. This book is hence not just a pretty book with interesting photographs and stories, but one that educates the readers on conservation issues faced by the diminishing rainforests as well. The book also comes with an audio CD featuring the wild sounds of the rainforest recorded by Huang. You can close your eyes and be transported immediately to the amazing rainforests of Borneo. Highly recommended!

It is available in Singapore at Popular Bookstore and Kinokuniya Bookstore.

For more information, here is a link to the publisher’s website, and below, a video featuring an interview with the author on his experiences in the Borneo rainforest (in mandarin).

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4 Responses to Book review: 婆罗洲雨林野疯狂 (Amazing Rainforest of Borneo)

  1. Heok Hui says:

    also available in Kinokuniya Bookstores in Singapore

  2. jangancemas says:

    Thanks Heok Hui! Have edited accordingly

  3. CL Chan says:

    I would like to contact the author. Can any one help?
    Chew Lun

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