Job Opportunity: Project Officer

Job Advertisement: Project Officer

The Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR), Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore is seeking a Project Officer with job specifications as stated below. With the museum set to grow significantly in the next few years and with the new building to be constructed by 2014, there is corresponding potential for career advancement.

1. Job designation: Project Officer

2. Official NUS designation: Management Assistant Officer (diploma holder) or Executive (degree holder)

3. Salary: Consistent with qualifications and experience, as determined by the Officer of Human Resources, NUS

4. Qualifications: Polytechnic diploma, or bacherlor’s, or Honours degree, preferably in building, facilities management, civil engineering, museum studies, or related fields including biology (preferably in environmental, ecological, or conservation biology). Prior or relevant experience in building construction or design, or exhibition programming will be an advantage. The candidate should possess good interpersonal and organizational skills, and be able to write and speak English well. Ability to converse and/or write in a second or third language will be an advantage. Candidates who have a keen interest in nature, and/or worked with nature groups will be considered favorably. Candidates should also be comfortable working in a natural history museum.

5. Contract: Yearly for duration of project (may be converted into an open position)

6. Main role: The jobholder will assist in the supervision and coordination of the new natural history museum project to help ensure the delivery of the museum at NUS in line with building, technical, exhibition, curatorial, business requirements, and all activities necessary to equip it for public and research use, and any other duties as directed.

7. Specific duties:
i. Assist and coordinate the new building project and related architectural, technical, procedural aspects;
ii. Monitor and track the project’s internal and external resources under the Project Manager;
iii. Manage risks and issues related to the project and ensure timely communication to majority stakeholders and donors;
iv. Execute contingency plans to reduce risk and ensure timely delivery;
v. Liaise with local authorities and external stakeholders;
vi. Assist the Project Manager to oversee exhibit development, fabrication and fitting out;
vii. Prepare, develop or execute project documentation, including reporting documentation for various levels of management, major stakeholders and donors as and when required;
viii. Assist in fund raising activities as and when required;
ix. Any other museum duties that the Project Director deems relevant.

8. Applicants are to send this form (Application for for RMBR PO.doc) and their CV to Ms Greasi Simon (, Secretary, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

9. Applicants who had previously applied for this position need not reapply

10. Closing date: 21 January 2011

11. Shortlisted candidates will be interviews in early February 2011

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