The Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR), Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore is seeking a Public Relations and Outreach Officer with the following job specifications as below. With the museum set to grow significantly in the next few years with the new building to be constructed by 2014, there is corresponding potential for significant career advancement.

1. Job designation: Public Relations and Outreach Officer

2. Official NUS designation: Management Assistant Officer (diploma holder) or Executive (degree holder)

3. Salary: Consistent with qualifications and experience, as determined by the Office of Human Resources, NUS

4. Qualifications: Polytechnic diploma, or bachelor’s or Honours degree, in communications and media management or related fields, biology related fields, and relevant experience in public relations and/or public education. Being a nature lover, possessing good interpersonal and organizational skills, and being able to write and speak English well would be advantageous.

5. Contract: Yearly, until conferred permanence (retirement at 62 years of age)

6. Main role: Handle public relations affairs and outreach for the RMBR

7. Specific duties:

i. To handle public enquiries on the museum
ii. To coordinate outreach activities for the museum
iii. To coordinate the training of RMBR volunteers
iv. To guide visitors and VIPs through the museum’s Public Gallery
v. To manage the museum’s open house days and activities
vi. To coordinate and manage the RMBR booth at roadshows
vii. Maintaining the museum’s Newsblog
viii. To update and provide new materials for the museum’s website
ix. To be the RMBR representative for the Museum Roundtable
x. To take charge of the publication of RMBR publicity materials, e.g., brochure, annual report
xi. To host research visitors
xii. To assist in the installation of exhibits in the Public Gallery (The Public Gallery is one major facility for public education.)
xiii. Recording the history of the museum to generate announcements or news items for the museum’s website, or for newspapers
xiv. To track the publications outputs of RMBR staff and Research Associates (Biodiversity and Ecology academic staff of the Department of Biological Sciences)
xv. Communication with the media (TV, radio, newspapers)
xvi. To track the use of RMBR materials in research publications
xvii. To manage the literature collection of the museum’s Library (arranging, maintaining and cataloguing papers, journals and books in the museum’s library)
xviii. In charge of the inventory of the RMBR merchandise and consignments
xix. To back up the RMBR secretary during leave period
xx. Any other duties as instructed

8. Applicants are to send this form (Application Form for RMBR PR&OO.doc) to Ms Greasi Simon, Secretary, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research at

9. Deadline: 15 Sept 2010

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  1. interresting post! thanks for the news!

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