Ms Marti Cortez

2010 USA Eisenhower Fellow, Ms Marti Cortez, Senior Vice President (Visitor Experience), St. Louis Science Center, USA, visited RMBR on 7 Jul 2010 as part of her Eisenhower Fellowship Summer Programme to Singapore. As the Senior Vice President for the Saint Louis Science Center, Ms. Cortez ensures the delivery of memorable learning experiences to over 1,000,000 visitors a year. She leads a division of over 100 museum professionals, manages a budget of $3.2 million, and is responsible for process improvements resulting in record setting visitor satisfaction scores. On her fellowship to Singapore, Ms Cortez will meet with leaders in the educational arena, business, and science museums to understand how they are partnering to create highly effective education systems. She will examine ways in which her field can collaborate with these entities to promote the well-being, education, and outstanding achievement of students. Ms Cortez is in Singapore from 2 – 16 Jul 2010.

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One Response to Ms Marti Cortez

  1. Thanks so much for posting about Marti. We are so proud to call her one of our Fellows and we know she enjoyed her time abroad! Thank you for showing her around your museum.

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