First Sisters Islands Intertidal Walk by RMBR

RMBR conducted its first public intertidal walk on the Sisters Islands on 30 May 2010 for 30 members of the public.

The Sisters Islands comprise two of Singapore’s Southern Islands – Big Sister Island (also known as Pulau Subar Laut in Malay) and Little Sister Island (also known as Pulau Subar Darat). The intertidal walk was conducted on the Big Sister Island.

The island has one of Singapore’s densest intertidal fringing reef with lots of hard corals and other reef organisms.

Several feather stars (Class Crinoidea) were spotted during this trip. These animals use their feather-like tentacles to collect plankton to feed on.

There were a number of Leaf Slugs (Elysia ornata) too. These slugs feed on the sap of algae, and are able to retain the chloroplast in the sap for photosynthesis to provide them with additional nutrients.

More photos of the trip can be found here.

You can also find out more about the nature walks organised by RMBR here.

[Photographs by Ron Yeo]

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