Dato Dr Robert F Inger & Tan Fui Lian

On 28 April 2010, the museum was delighted and honoured to host prominent herpetologist, Dato Dr Robert F Inger (Curator Emeritus, Division of Amphibians and Reptiles, Department of Zoology, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago) and his illustrative wife, Tan Fui Lian (Associate Researcher, same Division as Dr Inger). After some hearty discussions on taxonomical and amphibian topics with Prof Peter Ng, Dr Leong Tzi Ming and Dr David Bickford, Dr Inger proceeded to examine specimens of Ranid frogs in the Anuran collection. He was conducting morphological comparisons between various Bornean samples of riparian frogs which have been regarded as a complex of species. Thereafter, Dr Inger and Fui Lian visited our Central Nature Reserve and hiked up to the HSBC TreeTop Walk to admire the rainforest canopy, where they witnessed a male Flying Dragon (Draco sumatranus) flashing its yellow dewlap at passing females.

(From left) Associate Researcher Tan Fui Lian, Dato Dr Robert F Inger and Dr Leong Tzi Ming.

Dr Inger and Fui Lian admiring the rainforest canopy from the HSBC TreeTop Walk.

[Photographs by Tan Heok Hui and Leong Tzi Ming]

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