New fiddler crab species identified

Researchers from the National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, University of the Ryukyus, Japan and RMBR (Hsi-Te Shih, Tohru Naruse & Peter K. L. Ng) have jointly identified a new fiddler crab species. The species, Uca jocelynae sp. nov., is the first fiddler crab species to be discovered in nearly 20 years. [Zootaxa abstract]

The new species thrives in tidal flats or nearly flat coastal areas alternately covered and exposed by the tides, and clean beaches are the species’ favourite ecological environment.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

Please click here for the full news report.

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One Response to New fiddler crab species identified

  1. Hsi-Te Shih says:

    Please help to correct Tohru Naruse’s university as “University of the Ryukyus” ( in this news.

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