Dr Benoît Dayrat

Dr Benoît Dayrat, Assistant Professor at the School of Natural Sciences, University of California, at Merced, USA is visiting RMBR from 29 Mar to 17 Apr 2010. He is here to collect marine pulmonates (intertidal snails) in the Onchidiidae family. Dr Dayrat will also be giving a seminar on 5 Apr 2010 titled “From Alpha-Taxonomy to Mitogenomics: Biodiversity and Evolution of Gastropods”. The talk will focus on the evolution and systematics of pulmonate gastropods, specifically the three clades of marine pulmonates: Onchidiidae, Ellobiidae, and Siphonariidae, all of which are represented by several marine (intertidal) species in Singapore.

Dr Benoît Dayrat

[Photograph by Tan Heok Hui]

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