Marine expedition to Kume-jima in the Okinawa islands, Japan

Several RMBR staff are now in Kume-jima or Kume Island as part of an international marine expedition which runs from 7 to 23 November 2009.

Kume-jima is about 30 minutes flying time southwest of Okinawa. It is about one-quarter of Singapore’s land area, or the combined size of Siglap, Marine Parade, Tampines, Bedok and Tanah Merah.

The expedition team comprises over 30 researchers from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, France and Indonesia (in descending representation), and includes Okinawa Aquarium staff members who operate the ROV and collect animals.

A base camp and laboratory have been set up on the eastern side of the Island. Every morning, the various teams (diving, trawling, dredging and ROV) head out to collect specimens which are then brought back to the lab for sorting, processing and photographing. Work is carried out from 8am to 11 pm.

The ROV/trawl/dredge boat getting ready to leave the port on the morning of the first day.

[Photograph by Martyn Low]

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