Prof Chan Tin-Yam and company from Taiwan, ROC

RMBR warmly welcomed Prof Chan Tin-Yam and his team of scientists and graduate students from Taiwan ROC on 7 Oct 2009.

Based at the National Taiwan Ocean University, Prof Chan is an expert on lobsters and other non-brachyuran crustaceans while Ms Yang Chien Hui is a graduate student working on crustaceans.

The rest of the delegation comprised members from the Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica: Ms Tsai Pei Chen (Dr Benny Chan’s research staff) who works on barnacles; Dr Liao Yun Chih, Postdoctoral Fellow (marine fishes) who works for Taiwan’s leading fish expert Prof Shao Kwang Tsao; and Mr Lee Mao-Ying, PhD student at the Laboratory of Fish Ecology & Evolution.

The group was here from 7 to 12 Oct 2009 to study the local and regional marine life as part of our ongoing collaborative research efforts. After a day of going through our collections of crustaceans, barnacles and fishes, the group spent the next few days scouring the fish markets in Singapore and Kuching, Sarawak, purely for research purposes of course.

We bid the group, and the bountiful marine life they are bringing back with them, a fond farewell yesterday.

From left: Prof Chan Tin-Yam and Ms Yang Chien Hui (National Taiwan Ocean University).

From left: Dr Liao Yun Chih, Ms Tsai Pei Chen and Mr Lee Mao-Ying (Academia Sinica).

[Photographs by Tan Heok Hui]

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