Nature Explorers at Pulau Tioman (7 to 10 Sep 2009)

The Nature Explorers’ Programme is an education initiative of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, supported by the West Zone of Excellence for Science and Technology at River Valley High School, and sponsored by ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. The programme seeks to cultivate the interest for science and nature in pupils, and also, develop scientific and creative thinking. 300 students took part in the programme this year. The programme was launched on 5 Aug 09. The best 30 nature explorers were given an opportunity to participate in a field study camp at Pulau Tioman from 7 to 10 Sep 09, where they learned about the various field research methodologies used in the subtidal, intertidal, rainforest, mangrove and freshwater stream ecosystems. More details of field study camp can be found at this blog entry.

Nature explorers discussing about the implications of the freshwater survey results. [Photograph by Ron Yeo]

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