Professor Daphne Fautin

Picture: Dr Tan Swee Hee and Professor Daphne Fautin [Photography by: James Koh]

Professor Daphne Fautin, University of Kansas, is visiting us again to work on the several new species of sea anemones that we had obtained in 2007 when she first visited us. Small as Singapore may be, there appears to be a high diversity of sea anemones (approximately 40 species) and up to four species may possibly be undescribed ones. Her trips to Singapore are marked by a punishing regime of field work that start at 2AM to coincide with the low tide. However, all the sleepless mornings are worth it when we find sea anemones that we have not seen before and also get stuck in the mud! She will be also transmitting to us her secret histological techniques that is fast becoming a lost art. She will be at the museum from 19 July to 1 August 2009.

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