Minister for Foreign Affairs BG George Yeo visits the Raffles Museum

The RMBR hosted the Minister for Foreign Affairs, BG George Yeo (extreme left), for a quick tour of the Gallery and facilities. He was accompanied by Professor Leo Tan (second from left), Professor Tommy Koh (centre), Professor Andrew Wee, Dean of the Faculty of Science (second from right) and Professor Peter Ng (extreme right).

The Minister was shown a specimen of a moth that he had previously sent to the RMBR for identification purposes in 1992. Here he is pictured with Ms. Lua H. K., one of our curators. He was rather amused by the fact that after all these years, the moth looks little different from the day he found it. This underlines the RMBR’s role as a depository and custodian of the Nation’s biodiversity, oftentimes collected by the most unlikley of persons!

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