The Dragonfly Experts

Dr. Matti Hamalainen (University of Helsinki, Most left) and Yeh Wen-Chi (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Second from left) are here for two weeks by invitation from NUS-PUB. Dr. Matti is a recognised odonata taxonomist with years of experience on Southeast Asia odonates. Mr. Yeh is well-known for his expertise in odonate larvae and those from the family Aeshnidae.

While here, both of them will be examining odonata specimens in RMBR as well as survey trips. Besides lending their expertise to the NUS-PUB reservoir project, they are also conducting a workshop for staff from PUB and NParks; NUS researchers; and local dragonfly enthusiasts. Dr. Matti will also be giving an open public seminar on 24th April (4pm LT20, Blk S2, Level 3, NUS). There is also be an opportunity for NParks and PUB staff to join a private round-table discussion with Matti and Wen-Chi from 5pm on Friday (after Matti’s lecture). Dr. Matti and Wen-Chi will no doubt improve our current knowledge on Singapore’s odonata diversity.

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