Curators from Natural History Museum visits

On the 17th April 2009, the RMBR received visitors from the Entomology Department of the Natural History Museum, London, U. K. They were Dr. George Beccaloni (Orthoptera Curator, Top left in grey), his wife, Janet Beccaloni (Arachnid Curator, Top right in green), and were accompanied by their artist/photographer friend, Fred (Right).

They were in Singapore for a preliminary preview of the upcoming Wallace Education Centre (under construction), a project of the Central Nature Reserve branch of the National Parks Board. In addition to managing the massive orthopteroid collections at the museum, Dr. Beccaloni  has also been passionately accumulating information and artefacts pertaining to the life and times of Alfred Russel Wallace, in an effort to preserve and promote the natural history discoveries and ideologies that were initiated by this famous explorer. Dr. Beccaloni is also a cockroach expert and was keen to examine the diversity in our Blattodea collection.

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