An oktoRIGINAL – Dining with Death

Dining With Death (An oktoRIGINAL)

Every Thurs 10pm – 11pm

Dare to savor food that can ultimately land you in a sudden frame of paralyzing death? From fugu, jellyfishes to venomous snakes, Dining With Death takes you on a culinary adventure in Asia. Every Thurs 10 – 11pm on okto.

Dr. Tan Heok Hui, a lecturer and fish taxonomist, RMBR, NUS, was interviewed and filmed as part of the programme. “Sea creatures” was all about toxic marine creatures and Dr. Tan shared on his experience with the moray eels.

For more information of the programme, please visit here.

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5 Responses to An oktoRIGINAL – Dining with Death

  1. Q says:

    Saw the trailer on TV. Do they have to kill these poor animals?? Fried tarantulas? Yuck!

  2. Bob says:

    Awesome documentary. I’m quite surprised that certain foods we eat (the buah keluak) is indeed poisonous.

  3. andy says:

    hi i missed some of the series,where can i get to see them again ?which webiste or program ?


  4. chua says:

    I wonder if thhose poeple really eat those snacks for breakfast , Lunch and dinner , it can quite cost saving…..

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