Pseudoscorpion Parahya submersa

Intertidal pseudoscorpions are found in many parts of the world and some genera are totally or mostly restricted to seashore habitats. Parahya submersa (Bristowe) is the only species in the genus Parahya and is recorded from several locations within the Australasian region ranging from Singapore through to the Micronesian islands and New Caledonia. The type locality is from Singapore and was originally named Obisium submersum by Bristowe (1931).

The mechanisms by which these small arachnids are able to survive in such inhospitable habitats are not fully known but their ability to spin a silken chamber may enable them to survive prolonged periods of inundation.

– Harvey, Mark S. (1991): Notes on the genera Parahya Beier and Stenohya Beier (Pseudoscorpionida: Neobisiidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 8: 288-292.
– Harvey, M.S., Waldock, J.M., Teale, R.J. and Webber, J. (2007b). New distribution records of the intertidal pseudoscorpion Parahya submersa (Pseudoscorpiones: Parahyidae). Records of the Western Australian Museum 23: 393-395.

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