New Philippines Crabs Stamps!

A set of Philippines stamps were released on 19 December 2008, and it’s no ordinary stamps. These stamps depicts newly discovered crabs from the expeditions to Panglao in which the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, NUS was part of.

The RMBR was instrumental in leading the study of the crabs found during the expeditions, of which a number of the crabs on the stamps were named by our researchers.

The following are the crabs featured:
Goneplacid Crab (Carcinoplax nana)
Largo’s Spider Crab (Cyrtomaia largoi)
Fuzzy Sponge Crab (Hirsutodynomene vespertilio)
Daniele’s Deepwater Porter Crab (Dicranodromia danielae)
Stimpson’s Intricate Spider Crab (Oxypleurodon stimpsoni)
Spider Crab (Cyrtomaia ericina)
Stone Crab (Euryozius camachoi)

For more information on the stamps, please visit here.

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