Dr. Jeffery Froehlich

Dr. Jeffery Froehlich is a Research Collaborator of the Division of Mammals, Smithsonian Institution, USA. He will be here in the RMBR from the 5th to the 14th Jan 2009. He is an expert in primate systematics and is here to look at the skulls of macaques in Singapore and the region.

He is currently looking at the relationship of brain size with variables. It seems that a bigger brain doesn’t mean that the primate is smarter, but could be due to the variable development of the primate in different geographic location. Apart from the above study, he is also looking into what is known as ‘Sexual Swelling’ in Chimpanzees. Many would regard it as a chimp’s way of attracting mates, but he suspects it could instead be for mate recognition and he names it SMRS – ‘Specific Mate Recognition System’.

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