Launch of Project Semakau

HSBC has joined hands with the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) to launch an important community initiative at Pulau Semakau. Supported by the National Environment Agency (NEA), Project Semakau is a three-year project to promote and conserve the intertidal shores of Pulau Semakau through a dedicated programme of outreach and research activities conducted with the help of volunteers.

Dr Amy Khor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment and Water Resources graced the launch ceremony as Guest-of-Honour. Also present were Mr Guy Harvey-Samuel, CEO of HSBC Singapore; Professor Leo Tan, Director of Special Projects, National University of Singapore; Professor Peter Ng, Director of RMBR, National University of Singapore; and Mr Lee Yuen Hee, Chief Executive Officer of NEA.

Project Semakau is designed as a community-driven conservation effort in which volunteers trained and guided by RMBR scientists undertake a comprehensive scientific survey to collect data on the island’s biodiversity with the aim of enhancing the value of Pulau Semakau as a nature education and conservation site. The project will be a boost to intertidal research, a field which researchers currently find difficult to study because of a lack of manpower and support. To further demonstrate the Bank’s commitment towards this initiative, HSBC Singapore CEO, Mr Guy Harvey-Samuel presented funding of S$600,000 to the RMBR to make possible the outreach, conservation and research activities conducted over the next three years.

For more details of Project Semakau, please visit here.

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