Dr. Paul Clark

Dr. Paul Clark ,Collection Manager (Higher Invertebrates) for the Natural History Museum, London, is in Singapore again! He is visiting the RMBR from 14 to 20 Sep 2008.

This time, he is working together with Prof. Peter Ng, Dr. Tan Swee Hee and Dr. Tohru Naruse, to examine the crabs collection from Vanuatu (Santo 2006).

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  1. Robert PINCON says:

    My name is Robert Pinçon, living in Le Louroux (France). May I ask a question : are you the son of Frederic B.Clark and Dorothy ? He was a pilot during the last world war. If not, forget about it ; if yes, please, will you be kind enough to send me a mail and give me your phone number. I’ll be home to-morrow only ; after Ill be traveling without my computer and back on january the 28th.
    Best regards.

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